201 Family Fun

Eat a fine steak or pick up Smokehouse sandwiches then get pumped for some action! This family package includes $100 to Annie Gunn’s/Smokehouse and a certificate good for 2 Kart races and 2 sessions of laser tag at Amp Up Action Park St. Louis in Ballwin.  An AMP UP shirt is included. When you are in a jumping mood, head on over to Skyzone, where four of you will enjoy one hour of jumping.

Amp Up, Skyzone, Pook family VALUE: $225


202 Get On Board

Get on the board, dude, with a limited edition Christian Hosoi 27” Penny Skateboard. Riders will rock on the plastic skateboard deck and 59 cruiser wheels. Totes rad, right? Be safe “fer sure” with adjustable knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet for the noggin!


Penny’s Skateboards VALUE: $170

203 May The Fourth Be With You

Book an intergalactic experience for your child and his or her class with a Centennial Arts Center showing of the original “Star Wars” movie. Special guests “Chewbacca” and “Han Solo” (aka Bob Cooke in costume) will help spread the light with props, snacks and party favors.


Bob Cooke, Anonymous  VALUE: Priceless, may be sold multiple times

204 May The Fourth Be With You

Book an intergalactic experience for your child and his or her class with a Centennial Arts Center showing of the original “Star Wars” movie. Special guests “Chewbacca” and “Han Solo” (aka Bob Cooke in costume) will help spread the light with props, snacks and party favors.


Bob Cooke, Anonymous  VALUE: Priceless, may be sold multiple times

205 What’s Your 20?

Get up close and personal with the Clayton Police Department with a VIP tour for 10 kids with the officers. Don’t forget to pick up the donuts first with your gift certificate for a dozen from Dunkin’ Donuts. You won’t get booked on the tour, but you will get to chat over pizza. Guests will receive gift bags.


Matthews Family VALUE: Priceless

206 Teen Talk With The Crew in Blue

Do you ever feel like your teenager is always looking at her/his phone? Maybe a talk from the police about distracted driving will make him/her a safer driver. Book a tour and Q&A session for 10 teens and 5 adults with the Clayton Police Department. Pizza and snacks will be provided at the station. Pick up donuts on the way with a gift certificate for a dozen at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Matthews Family VALUE: Priceless

207 A Toy Story

You’ve got a friend and then some with this Woody and Jesse from “Toy Story.” Your kids are going to love the toy basket that comes with it, filled with Melissa and Doug games and activities.  A “Creation Station Molding Compound” Activity and Plush Craft are also included to unleash their inner artist.  Leave this package at the breakfast table when you get home tonight for a morning surprise filled with crafts and fun goodies!


Matthews Family VALUE: $225

208 For Your Princess

Unicorns are for real with this package that includes fluffy slippers, a magic wand, a spike headband and other unicorn themed goodies. Fairy Godmother comes to life with a Cinderella DVD.  More accessories can be purchased with a $50 gift card to LuLuBelle.

Evitts Family, Sweet Bee’s, LuLuBelle VALUE: $165

209 Curl Up In Your Nook

Your kids can find a cozy corner and read that special book with their brand new Nook. A protective bumper is included for life’s unpredictable moments. If you can’t peel them away from the screen, order Dewey’s pizza ($25) and call it a night.


Matthews Family, Dewey’s Pizza VALUE: $95

210 Serengeti Steve Party

Book an out-of-this world party experience at your home with Serengeti Steve and his reptiles. The “America’s Got Talent” finalist will come to your party with his unbelievable collection. Guests can cool it with a make-your-own shaved ice from the Kona Ice Truck parked for one hour outside your house. The package includes two dozen stuffed snake party favors.


Serengeti Steve, Kona Ice Truck VALUE: $510

211 There’s Always Gonna Be Another Mountain

Celebrate climbing another milestone with this birthday party package from Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym. The party certificate is good for 12 climbers and 6 extra day passes.


Upper Limits VALUE: $320

212 Gymnastics Party

Calling all Simone Biles wannabes! This is the perfect All American Gymnastics birthday party for the gymnast or ninja warrior in your child and includes the inflatable obstacle course.  The package includes a guest list of 15, a sheet cake from Schnucks ($50) and Papa John’s gift certificate for $50.


All American, Schnuck Family, VALUE: $325

213 Flying Spider Party

Jump, bounce, climb and fly at St. Louis’ latest and hottest adventure zone, Flying Spider Extreme Air Sports in Ballwin. This birthday party package is good for 20 guests and comes with a $100 gift certificate for Papa John’s Pizza and a $50 gift certificate for a Schnucks cake to be served in the party area.


Flying Spider Extreme Air Sports, Schnuck Family  VALUE: $750

214 Take Me To The Circus

Parents, your child may run away to the circus with this package!  Enjoy 4 mezzanine tickets to Circus Flora between 4/19/18-4/29/18 to see the action.  Next, your youngster will be able to learn those tricks on his/her own.  Bumbershoot Aerial Arts has provided a one hour private class on trapeze, silks or hoops for up to 8 people so family and friends are welcome!  After your workout, head over to Nami Ramen with your $100 gift card for some noodle fun.


Circus Flora, Bumbershoot Aerial, Nami Ramen VALUE: $415


215 When In Doubt, Pedal It Out!

Clear your trunk for auction night if you want to take home a bicycle from Big Shark!  This 24” blue and orange bike manufactured by Giant will make your kids’ wheels spin.  Fits ages 6.5--10.


Big Shark VALUE: $260

216 When In Doubt, Pedal It Out!

Clear your trunk for auction night if you want to take home a bicycle from Big Shark!  This 24” teal and orange bike manufactured by Giant will make your kids’ wheels spin.  Fits ages 6.5--10.

Big Shark VALUE: $260

217 But Mom, I’m Bored!

Turn bored into busy with a 10-class pass with the popular Kidzexplor card. One pass gets your child into the activity of his or her choice without any additional fees. Class options range from day camps and dance sessions to sport clinics and open play times at various locations throughout St. Louis. A Kidzexplor t-shirt and water bottle are included. Prevent summer doldrums with 2 weeks of summer camp with Hi-NRG Gymnastix. Finally, we’re throwing in 4 passes to The Magic House and $30 in gift certificates to Yucandu. Bored no more!


Kidzexplor, Hi-NRG, Magic House, Yucandu VALUE: $650

218 Pancakes In Your Pajamas For The Class

Your child gets to take his or her entire class (one side only) and teachers out to breakfast one morning before school! Kids will meet at The Original Pancake House in Clayton any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Kids will spend the rest of the school day in pajamas.  Grades Nursery - 6th. If winner is 5th or 6th grade then the entire grade will be invited.


Original Pancake House, Clayton VALUE: Priceless

219 Giddy Up To The Clydesdale Ranch

You and 24 guests are heading to Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville for a private guided tour of the 300-acre facility to mingle with the Clydesdales. Climb aboard your personal custom built vehicle to enjoy a private excursion through the rolling pastures. Get up close and personal with these majestic animals, visit the foaling area, see the breeding facility and visit with the handlers.


Anheuser Busch/Warm Springs Ranch VALUE: $1000

220 Get Crafty

Develop your child’s artistic side with drawing, painting, pottery or jewelry making.

Enjoy a one-year family membership and a one-class pass to Craft Alliance (most kids classes are weekly for 4-5 weeks). Let’s taco about it over lunch or dinner at Seoul Taco across the street with $50 in gift cards.


Craft Alliance, Seoul Taco VALUE: $350

221 Fall Hayride

Enjoy the fall foliage on a wagon hayride through Forest Park with up to 20 guests. Hayrides take place on Friday and Saturday evenings from early October through mid-November. The hayride ends at the picnic ground where a bonfire is waiting. Hop out and smoke some dogs and make s’mores with your besties. Pack some nibbles with a $50 gift card to Sugarfire Smoke House. Included in this package are 16 metal double headed marshmallow roasters. Call to schedule your date with the City Parks service after 8/1/18.


Anonymous, Sugarfire VALUE: $270



222 Send Your Kid Away While You Go Play!

Kids entering kindergarten through sixth grade will enjoy one week of half-day camp at the MAC (Missouri Athletic Club), West County. Choose from sports like tennis, golf, squash, basketball and more! While your child’s at camp, get that haircut or color you’ve been needing at Dominic Michael with this $100 gift card, and then book lunch with your best gal pal at Winslow’s Home on Delmar Blvd with the $25 card.


Missouri Athletic Club, Winslow’s Home VALUE: $325

223 Gateway Field Hockey

Let the summer fun begin with a field hockey stick, ball, shirt, sports bag, mouth guard and calendar to get your little player ready for the field! You’re getting one summer camp session at SportPort Plaza and additionally, an indoor winter league session to hone her skills!


Gateway Field Hockey/Kelly Yates VALUE: $345

224 Hi-NRG Gymnastix Bucks

Simply put, this is as good as cash! Get $250 “bucks” to spend at Hi-NRG Gymnastix toward a Friday night birthday party. We’re helping get this party started with a $50 gift card to Papa John’s Pizza and a $50 gift card for a Schnucks birthday cake. Now who’s flipping for joy?


Hi-NRG Gymnastix, Schnucks VALUE: $350

225 Scout it Out

Twelve kids will have the camp out of their dreams whether they are scouts or civilians on the grassy fields of Community School.  Four parents will need to chaperone, provide ghost stories and help pitch some tents.  Since fires are not allowed, enjoy boxed dinners from Gourmet-To-Go with this $200 gift certificate.  Special scout supplies including cub scout badge, water bottle, night light, compass, waterproof matches are provided for the auction winner.  An additional $30 gift certificate to the Boy Scouts’ store is provided.


Evitts family, Silberman Family VALUE: PRICELESS

226 LAX To The Max

Do you have a budding lacrosse player in your home? Your daughter will join Community parent and lacrosse coach, Kate Haffenreffer, for a Red Skirts girls lacrosse fall or spring season.  Hone your child’s lacrosse skills with a one-on-one session with Community School alumna ‘13 Arden Lilly (MICDS varsity player). Use the hour to go over the basics of this fun and exciting sport. A Red Skirts bag and t-shirt is included


Kate Haffenreffer, Arden Lilly VALUE: $370 ++

227 Zoo To Do

Enjoy a one-year family membership to the Saint Louis Zoo which includes 6 parking passes and 48 free passes for the Children’s Zoo, train, carousel, etc! Surprise your kids when they wake up tomorrow with a giant stuffed cheetah, an adoption gift certificate for your favorite animal at the Zoo, and a special animal hologram book. We know where you’ll be spending your Sundays!


St. Louis Zoo, Wohlford family VALUE: $200


228 Join The Pack

Become part of the Wolf Pack with a one year Wolf Guardian membership at the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka. The enrichment package is good for four people and also includes an invite for a VIP dining experience with the keepers, an animal adoption package for the fennec foxes, an endangered wolf magazine subscription, a fennec fox stuffed animal, discounts at the gift shop and Children’s camp discounts.


Endangered Wolf Center VALUE: $515

229 Tutus and Treats

Your little dancer will be the belle of the ball along with her 4 friends in one of these fantastic dance outfits by Weissman’s Design For Dance.  It includes 6 total outfits plus 3 leotards (sizes 4-6X).  Once they are all dolled up, head over to the new Build-a-Bear Cupcake cafe at West County Mall where each child can decorate 2 cupcakes and enjoy games and activities.  


Weissman’s Designs, Build-a-Bear Cupcake Cafe VALUE: $650

230 Designer For The Day

Practice for Project Runway with a design package for your budding couturier from Weissman’s Design For Dance. Your daughter and a friend get to see the interior workings of Weissman’s and design their very own dancewear leggings which will be created and sewn just for them!  Isn’t that sew amazing?


Lauren Kerner, Weissman’s Design for Dance VALUE: priceless

231 You Wanna Pizza Me?

Your child gets to be the hot shot on campus who brings the Pi Pizza Truck to school! This pizza party includes lunch for your child’s entire grade, teachers included.


Pi Pizza VALUE: $450

232 So You Think You Can Dance

Your children will get the dance exposure to every genre in this wonderful package from CKDC Dance that includes group classes in each of these: ballet, hip hop, contemporary, jazz, poms, Afro-jazz, and an extra class of your choice.  Finally they will get two private lessons, one in hip hop and one in contemporary dance.  Parents will enjoy a nice meal at the Tavern in the CWE while the kids are dancing.


CKDC Dance, Tavern VALUE:$300

233 Checkmate

Your future Bobby Fischer will get the gift of his/her dreams with this one year membership to the Chess Club and Scholastic Center/Chess Hall of Fame plus a new vinyl chessboard and pieces, a rules student workbook and Chess t-shirt and mug.  


Chess Club and Scholastic Center/Chess Hall of Fame  VALUE:$250